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      AvatarL K

      -19 yrs. Si pain, hip dysfunction for 6+ years. Currently, battling with knee pain walking for more than a year (patellofemoral syndrome). IMO it is definitely stemming upstream from my hip- one leg slightly longer (muscular prob, not born with leg discrepancy), and one hip anterior tilt while the other is posterior tilt.) 

      –All the PTs,ATs, etc in my area tell me the same thing which I’ve been doing daily for 2 weeks w/ no results. Stregnthen the VMO, “stretch”  the IT band lol. I’ve been rolling each side a minimum of 2x past month. 
      — My gait is completely wrecked and I’m just looking for any recomendations on where I can see a legitimate PT and get a functional movement screening/assessment. Basically, anything besides the prototypical, traditionalist isolation exercises that dont fix the root problem.
      Tired of hearing “Fight through the pain” or its just something “your going to have to live with” or “Ibprofen 3x daily!” 
      Any help greatly appreciated.
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      where are you located? i’m guessing you want someone near you? or are you willing to travel?

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      For your leg difference have you seen a chiropractor?
      A hip adjustment may reset the position and solve this issue.
      Is there a coach who could look at your movement patterning and make recommendations?
      Are you seeing any improvements with what you are doing to address your tight hips?
      Voodoo Band Your Patella Femoral Pain
      Wonky, Beat Up Joint? Feed That Thing Good Mechanics and Some Slack
      Episode 344: Compression Tack and Floss–The Knee
      Episode 33: FGB Push Press Prep ; Hot Patellar Tendon: Hip /Calf/ Hamstrings

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      AvatarL K

      I’m located in central illinois. I’ve recently seen a credible DC  in STL although that’s quite a travel from where I live (2.5 hrs). 

      He said my right SI is just completely locked and not moving in correlation with the left side so I’m doing clams right to get the stability better on the glute med. However, I’m a tad bit skeptical on how long they will keep me coming back altho i know these built up, insidious problems take time. 

      I have some kind of pelvic obliquity going on no doubt and am seeing progress with the clams-much less medial knee during my gait. I’m trying to avoid any type of intense movement cuz I’ll be feeling it later that night.
      At this point, I’m willing to do quite a bit not only to fix myself, but help other wrecked people.  WOuld anyone u reccomend a virt consult with Roop?

      Appreciate any advice, Thanks.
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      AvatarL K

      Also, would any videos/pics of movements  be helpful or do u need hands on, live assessments? 

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