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      For about 4 months now when I do heavy squats or deadlifts I have been getting tailbone discomfort. It typically is not very painful just a little annoying, and happens as I stand up on the squat or the deadlift. It is right above my butt crack on the left hand side. I have been told I have hip tilt when I do my squats. I just am not sure the best way to stretch this I do hip mobility very often and as I said this is not a pain that prevents me from doing much but it can get a little painful and when I max out it normally hurts for about a week.

      I guess my question is, could This because of the hip tilt and do I need to just continue to work on hip flexibility. I have done a lot of research and looked at articles but it just said to ice and take Tylenol and I would really just like to know what causes this.


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      Have you seen a chiropractor?
      Your hips may be out of line causing the hip tilt when you squat.
      When you max out you are past the tolerance for the technique deviation. It’s painful following because you’ve pushed past where you can buffer the technique deviation.

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