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      AvatarSimon Ammann

      Hi fellow Mobility WOD users,

      I am relatively new to Mobility WOD, I have been scouring the internet to try and find help for a couple of issues I am having at the moment. A little bit of background on myself. I am a 21 year old British Royal Marine. I have been injured on and off for the last two years, starting with an ankle injury in late 2014. Since then I was slowly getting over them issues and things were on the mend. And then, I had some time away and I was dedicated to improve my general mobility with a specific focus on the couch stretch. My aim was to increase my mobility in the squat. Throughout the time I was away I was noticing a vast improvement and things were going well. Until, I noticed that I was getting a clicking in my hip. This clicking sensation was leading to a dull ache and sometimes a feeling like I had pulled a hip flexor.
      Since returning back to to UK I tried to continue through this injury and I was playing football when I felt a funny feeling in my left knee. This is when, what has been diagnosed as mild tendinosis came along.
      I have had an MRI scan on both my hip and knee. The hip MRI was inconclusive and the knee was said to be mild tendinosis. 
      My questions for the floor: 
      Are there any success cases with anything similar to what I am going through at the moment?
      Are there any specific things which could aid, or even induce my recovery?
      Could it be counter-productive to still be mobilising my hips?
      I realise this is a long shot and that it is impossible for people to generalise on something as intricate as recovery as everybody is different. I am just getting very frustrated at the moment.
      Many thanks,
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