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      Hi, had a chondroplasty 5 years ago due to rugby injury, i really love to squat but finding it impossible as the bottom of my rec fem is so tight, it not a really bad pain but it certainly does not like it, i also feel like i have a knee plica as it clicks an awful lot, as well as crunches badly. 

       I really want to squat and lunge but i am certain there are tendinitis and bursa issues, i want to avoid surgery at all costs but restore the tissue (may. is this possible and if so how?
      I tried to myofacial release the suprapateller pouch but this is when the bursa ball appears in my knee. i have also released glute med, TFL and Ql as these all became chronically tight. as soon as it did this i saw huge improvements in the medial side of my quad but this tendonitis/bursa issue will not shift.
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      What are you doing to address decreasing inflammation of the synovial capsule?
      Did you experience trauma to the knee?
      Have you looked upstream and downstream of the knee?
      Do you run or bike? If so have you had anyone look at your technique for these skills?
      You may need to take some time off from these activities to give the tissue time to heal.
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