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      AvatarCraig Harper

      How much longer until the Supernova comes back into stock? I am about to place an order with Rogue and I know it says end of November but they were meant to be back in stock months ago and it keeps on getting pushed back. So will it actually be back in stock this time or pushed back again?

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      Those guys are jokers. You can’t trust anything they say (on this particular issue, at least). I remember back in July when they were saying “end of August”.

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      They should probably get that thing stocked up. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer! 

      Merry Painmas.
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      The new design is in the final stages of testing and they hope to have it available for the holidays.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      hey y’all supernovas just became in-stock at rogue fitness!  i just bought 3 – get ’em before they run out! happy thanksgiving!

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      AvatarKristina Jones

      When available in Europe?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Rogue Fitness ships internationally – did you try it and it didn’t work? 

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      AvatarKristina Jones

      I know but I think the custom (boarder) costs will be verry high from US to, in my case, Belgium.

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      From Rogue:
      At this time the Supernova is only available from the US.
      They are working on having it available from the Rogue Europe site, but don’t know if it will happen or when.

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      AvatarLisa Kucinich

      Lordy lordy lordy. Just went out of stock as I was putting my credit card info in. SIGH

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      AvatarJames Bacon

      They’re back…

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      AvatarAndrew Ellis

      Thanks Michael! Just nabbed one, was really disappointed a few days ago when I found out they were in stock briefly on Dec 1.

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      AvatarHarry Palmer

      My wonderful wife bought me both the Supernova and Gemini during Rogue’s Matte Black Friday sale for Christmas, but I have to wait until Christmas to play with them!  It’s been hard holding out the past couple weeks! 


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      AvatarJessie Heikenfeld

      I wish i could get this one, rogue europe does not have this one in stock and if it even did they don’t ship to Iceland where i live, and if i wanted to send it the shipping would be 50$!!

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      Unfortunately there are some restrictions on international shipping.
      And when it is able to happen it can be expensive.
      Do you know someone in another location that would be willing to send you a supernova if you had one sent to them?

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      AvatarSamuel Perreault

      Hey guys,

      Just discovered Supernova, and want!
      When will it be available again?
      And do you ship to Australia?
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      Go to the link for them to inform you when it is back in stock. Under where it says out of stock.
      Currently it is only available from Rogue located in the US.
      They will ship to Aus international shipping may be high.

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      AvatarMichael Schwerin

      any word when supernovas will be back again

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      Rogue said they hope to have it back in stock by Monday at the latest.
      As soon as the hit their dock the status will be updated.
      On the page fill in your email to be notified when when it is in up.

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