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      Hi guys, looking for some advice please.

      I have anterior pelvic tilt, so very tight hips in general. I took a video of my squat form tonight and noticed some slight upper back rounding as well, and potential slight butt wink.

      Basically, I’m very tight. I’ve done a few of the first week gear-free videos from Kelly as a new subscriber, and they definitely reinforce that I’m too tight! I tried the hamstring floss tonight and oh my god, it’s brutal. I couldn’t do anything close to the video demonstration, my hamstrings were burning and getting my leg straight was almost impossible. I’ve also noticed that if I do hanging leg raises in my ab routine, there’s a bend in my knee.

      I already knew my hamstrings were tight but have heard that with anterior pelvic tilt, the hamstrings are actually being stretched by the pelvis, so they feel tight but are actually stretched out. Stretching further gives more slack, further exacerbating the pelvic tilt.

      So i’m a bit stuck on what to do next. Should I focus on hip and hamstring routines here, or just dive in to daily mobility and assume that the regularity will sort me out?

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      I’m the same! Not sure whether to follow daily maintenance or something else.

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Tight hamstrings may be a symptom of anterior pelvic tilt.
      The hamstrings are trying provide stability to the pelvis.
      Have you done a search of the archive for hip extension or hip flexors?
      There are several which address these.
      A couple to start with
      How to Fix a Pelvic Fault or Tweak

      Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 – Hip Flexors

      Episode 249: Improving Hip Extension (And Internal Rotation) for Running

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      If you have pain start there.
      If you have an area that needs attention start there.
      If you are doing a sport or have something specific in your workout you want to mobilize for or recover from start there.
      If there isn’t anything pressing at the time follow the daily maintenance.
      Getting started will help you know where to go next.

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      Thanks Kaitlin. Would you suggest I don’t do hamstring stretches while I have ATP, or is it ok to still stretch them?

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      I suggest working both sides of the joint(s). How are your quads? How are your hip flexors and glutes?

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      Hi Kourt, I did 3 of the hip videos this morning which included 3 minutes on each quad. My hip flexors are very tight, and I have obvious ATP

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons
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