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      I completed my order online from Rogue Canada, and was emailed the shipping information only to find out that the mWOD Super Nova that I had in my shopping cart was no longer available…


      Anyways, it looks like I will need to wait “2-3 weeks” until more are brought in, but I was wondering to anyone that was quick enough to get one how they are liking it thus far?
      (PS big ups to KStar for spiking demand for mWOD gear; I noticed basically all of the Supple Leopard shirts were out of stock also – good thing I got one of those before the book came out :P)
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      It’s awesome.
      Kicks things up a gear for sure.
      It finds everything that needs attention.
      Every last piece of it.

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      AvatarMartin Repcek

      The SuperNova is awesome. A couple months ago I determined the various rollers I was using in my efforts to become supple just wasn’t getting the job done. I envisioned a spikey ball as being the perfect device for tenderizing the beef jerkied pieces of meat. Imagine my excitement when I first saw pictures of the SuperNova on twitter. I’m glad someone else with the means of putting it into production had the same idea!

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