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      John CarriereJohn Carriere

      Quick little summary of my Mobility first. I used to have a job that required me to sit 10+ hours a day, be it in a car or desk. I have since acquired a new job that sees me being very mobile during the day. Due to this sitting all day my squat is pretty darn useless because I cannot get into a good position. Now, I believe I’ve cleared my Hip/Hamstring restrictions and flexibility as the problem. My two biggest issues are now my Ankle flexibility and “possibly” my Adductors.  

      Aside from smashing the hell out of my adductors, which is probably the only time I have ever shown a pain face, I’ve been trying to use the super frog “banded’ edition. I know from Kstars vids and Supple Leopard that this is a very nasty mob. However, I get a pain in the back of my glute-ish region like my hip is about to get torn out of its socket and shot into space. All the while I get little to no stretch in my adductors! I make sure I turn my butt on etc etc. but as soon as I lay back its all kind of hell in that joint. Is this the correct pain or do I need to fix something else first?
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      Have you started addressing your ankle?
      There are some Pro videos that address different aspects of ankle mobility
      Free Your Heel, Free Your Mind
      Ankle Positional Fault Fix: Jill Miller Style
      Squat Quick Test: Is it your Ankles or Hips?
      Case Study: Tight Ankles = Bad Squatting

      Episode 208: Wide Stance Prep or Fixing Sumo+Decompression
      Episode 14: Celebrity Goat Death Match: Chris Spealer

      It should not be painful. There is a difference between pain and a stretch or mobilization.

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      John CarriereJohn Carriere

      I have started addressing my ankle. My left ankle can take the mobs pretty easily but working with my right is a whole other monster. I sometimes find it hard to get in a good position to effect change; it’s just that bad. 

      The last ankle link you posted “Case study: Tight Ankles = Bad Squatting” is now my go to mob for the right ankle, but even with that one its extremely hard to stop my foot from kicking out once I push my knee out. I normally just squat around a 25lb bumper to ensure my heel is locked in and my foot doesn’t turn out.
      As for the Adductors, yesterday I tried moving my feet closer to my body rather then farther away, that helped significantly. 
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      Great to hear you are finding ways to solve the problem.
      Keep working with it.
      It will continue to improve.

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      AvatarKent Zelle

      My squat improved DRAMATICALLY after stretching my hip flexors. Do the couch stretch! I couldn’t get below vertical and even that was hard. Ankles were too tight and adductors couldn’t pick up their load. All seemed to get better once I freed up my pelvis to be neutral! No more butt wink at vertical. We’ll see how low I can go in time. Lots fell into place with work on the anterior hip.

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      Sounds like you might be experiencing a bit of hip impingement when you are trying to focus on your adductors. Check out pages 305 and 317 for some banded distraction mobilizations in BASL. Try these two mobs first before going after your adductors. Many times reseating the femoral head in the joint capsule can buy you a little extra space and can decrease that uncomfortable sharp pain you are experiencing. 
      Good luck,
      MWOD Coach
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      John CarriereJohn Carriere

      Danny, I have BASL on my iphone so those pages don’t line up… What section? Are we talking the banded hip distraction? that’s my best guess.

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      Yah, the banded hip distractions are what you should go after before working on your adductors. Not sure what pages they line up with on the iphone version.

      Take care,
      MWOD Coach
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