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      AvatarDavid Gregory

      Hi!  Does anyone know whether Kelly has done an episode discussing modifications or a strategy for people with PTSD-related muscle tightness?  I have PTSD and chronic psoas/quad tightness.  Like tightness isn’t strong enough of a term–they’re like constantly on lock-down, full on clenched.  I try to use couch stretch and quad smash a ton, but I can never seem to get headway.  Any suggestions or references to Kelly talking about this?

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      AvatarTravis Jewett

      You’d really have to look at your entire training and lifestyle and what could be keeping you from making progress. You also have to look at the source of the ptsd and resolve any lingering questions there, something isn’t totally resolved and keeping you from moving forward.

      TRS Staff

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      Kelly StarrettKelly Starrett

      Great question. Keep chipping away at the local treatment. I’d highly recco Brian MacKenzie’s great course, Art of Breathe. He has an App called STATE as well. This will be the most powerful way into the brain. And it will give some real input into your spine/Cns mechanically. That will be the base of getting ahead of that high tone. If we saw you in person in SF, we’d teach you the same.

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