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      Hi, New to TRS and hoping to solve some long term shoulder pain. Been going on about 1 1/2 years. Had an MRI but only showed inflammation in the AC joint and subacromial bursa no obvious physical issues. I have had quite a bit of physiotherapy (UK) but it has done nothing. No obvious injury caused it and it doesnt seem to settle with rest. Pain mostly with overhead and pressing motions, also some end range pain with going in an arc. Naproxen will help settle the pain down quite well but it comes back pretty quickly so I think there is definitely some kind of dysfunction. Medically I am now at a point where they want me to have a cortisone shot in the ac joint ( trying to avoid this, as they will then be looking at surgery if that fails). Think the physios are out of ideas. Cant help but think this should be solvable with the right direction, but not sure where to start on my own. Hoping someone can help. Thanks.

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Have you completed The Ready State Assessments for the overhead archetype to pinpoint restrictions?
      Scroll to the second row.
      Second block: Take The Ready State Assessments
      The Overhead Archetype video in in the next line.
      This can help determine where to go to work first.

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