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      Where in the world do I get these?

      I’m so tired of being limited by my jeans through my daily work.

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      AvatarKyle Rota

      I’d like to know, too. Kelly and Carl mention in their CreativeLive seminar they were wearing stretchy jeans that allowed them to get into a full squat. I couldn’t see the brand name. Any info on what brand/model they are wearing, or alternate brands? 

      I will say for non-jean pants Khul makes some nice hiking pants that allow lots of freedom of movement. 
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      AvatarJake Williams

      Have you tried looking at lululemon?  They have some nice things there and the quality is unbelievable.  The only downside is the price but the clothes do last.

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      I’m really curious about this too. This was the first thing I started trying to change after I found MWod. I have been very dissatisfied with my findings of pants that are stylish yet still allow full range of motion.

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      AvatarKeith Borg


      I rock Taylor Stitch jeans.  Carl wears RVCA but I blew those crappy jeans out still!
      Believe it or not, we are working on our own inhouse Jean company because we are tired of that exo-skeleton feeling too.
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