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      AvatarMarc VALLEE

      Greetings, I used the forum search tool and couldn’t find anything about this topic, so if you know about another post addressing this please link me to it.

      Quick bio: 26 yo male training for BUD/S (bootcamp fortunately isn’t until March). I got a stress fracture in my third metatarsal on the right foot. I am in a boot.

      My question is, what can I do in the gym in terms of my feet? It would seem that for instance deadlifting, back/front squatting, and any jumping are definitely out, but what about kettlebell swings or rowing? I know I have to stay off of it and will do so, but any advice on where the line might be between okay and not okay exercises would be great.

      Thanks everyone!

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      You need to listen to the parameters you were given about what you are able to do.
      You have 3 other workable limbs.
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      AvatarRob Ali

      Did you ever find more advice on what you should do about this?  I’m in a boot right now for a fractured 2nd metatarsal.  What were you able to do and find out is safe to do during this injury?

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