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      AvatarKyle Magwood

        Hi All,

        Hoping for some ideas as I have a strange issue with my knee.  Under stress – say multiple reps of deadlift or clean for example, at a certain point I’ll experience what feels like a sprain on the inside front of my knee – sorta of a inch inside and south of my kneecap.  This sprain like feeling is intense and immediate and usually I can’t put much load on my leg at that point and the knee area will feel a bit tender to touch.  However, in 24 hours it will be completely be gone and stay that way until I load it again.  Oddly, I don’ t feel any build up to the pain either, its either 100%, or immediately occurs – I believe I must be getting my weight in a different spot to trigger it, but can’t quite figure out how I do it.   
        I’m not sure what type of injury this might be and flossing/rolling/massage doesn’t seem to help.   I’m assuming time is the right fix here, but wondered if anyone had ever had an injury like this?
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          Have you had anyone look at your technique for the deadlift or clean?
          It sounds like a technique issue where it doesn’t show up on other elements/movements.
          Currently, you may not be effected at a lesser number of reps or weight because your body is able to buffer the technique deviation at a lower number of reps/weight.
          Your body buffers it until it can’t and there is warning just game over. Once you pass the tolerance level there is no going back until there is off time.
          It doesn’t sound like a mobility issue flossing/rolling/massage isn’t hitting the cause of the pain so you don’t see an improvement.
          Start with technique for the deadlift and clean.
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          AvatarKyle Magwood

            Thanks Kaitlin,

            My technique is surely not perfect.  I have had some coaching though maybe I’m putting some awkward strain on it.  Is is common to trigger what is like a sprain immediately like that that also appears to resolve so quickly?
            A few weeks back I did it doing power cleans while being pretty explosive and for 2 hours after I could barely walk on it, and certain movements like bending over to pick something up resulted in strong shooting pain.  Yet, 2-3 days later I was able to walk on it and was back into the gym later in the week.  
            I’ll definitely take your advice though and have some trainers look me over again and thanks for weighing in!  
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              Skill and drill work will definitely help improve your technique.
              You want to perform the skill correctly first.
              Next, increase speed/efficiency through the movement.
              Then, add weight with the skill.
              Yes, a tweak can present as you are experiencing.
              The issue resolved itself in 2-3 days this time, but that doesn’t mean that will always be the case.
              You need to watch the cumulative impact of poor movement patterns as this predisposes for injury.
              It isn’t one bad rep that results in injury. That is the rep that put the person over the edge. Injury is the result of repeated improper movement patterns.

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              AvatarJames Beatty

                Try and make sure your knees aren’t caving in during your lift. Get someone to watch your form or try using a mirror if need be.

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                AvatarKyle Magwood

                  Thanks very much Kaitlin / Alpha,

                  I’m very aware of my knees while squatting, but didn’t realize the same issue might manifest when pulling weight off the floor.
                  I read a bunch on this last night and see that a narrow, knees under hips setup seems to be advocated and while I don’t think my stance was very wide, it is certainly a slight bit wider than that.  I’ll discuss with the coaches at my gym as well.
                  Appreciate the help!
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                  AvatarJames Beatty

                    Read up on Starting Strength 3rd edition if you can. Most people can handle a knees under hips stance, however, if you sport proportionally longer femurs or tibias then you may have to widen your stance or pull sumo. And yes, I have seen several clients exhibit valgus during their deadlifts. Just make sure you enter and exit the tunnel in a good position!

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