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      AvatarShane Tolmie

      Ok, I’m freakin’ out.

      My right shoulder tweaked about a 7/10 days ago. I’m currently doing what Kelly suggests on the episode #10 pro.
      Most of the pain comes when I left the elbow and I internal rotate the shoulder.
      This morning I used a softer ball (softer than the lacrosse ball) to work on my mid right deltoid, and 5 minutes later I noticed this and I started freakin’ out.
      It seems that the muscle popped out to overcompensate. In fact, now I haven’t pain when I’m internally rotate the right shoulder, but I’m worried as f**k.
      Hope it makes sense, english is not my first language 🙂
      Please guys, help a fellow out.
      EDIT: now this strange popped out muscle it starting to hurt a little bit and also I’m so afraid that I’ve messed up my shoulder.
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      Go see a doctor if it is outside of what you know.
      Some situations require medical attention.

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      AvatarKeith Borg


      Go get some help. You are in full lock down spasm.  An MD can help you break this spasm or a good physio with some dry needling.  But you need to get your neck checked out by a pro and figure out what’s up.
      Get your spine checked out.
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