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      AvatarTyler Olivares

      Over a year ago i was doing an ab wheel and it strained my abdominal muscles to the left of my belly button. After 3 weeks there was still some pain and I saw a doctor, got an examination and had an ultrasound. No hernia or anything, and the pain eventually went away. However a year later im getting an usual feeling in the abdomen that is hard to describe. It is in the same location as the strain, its not painful, theres no bulge, and I can still do exercises such as crunches or hanging leg raises. If I had to describe it, I would say it feels like a very slight pressure. 

      Do you think this is scar tissue? Perhaps it is a result of having tight hip flexors since I do sit a lot for my job. Any ideas?
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      What caused it to flair up?
      Seeing a practitioner would allow you to identify exactly what is going on within the area.
      Once you know what is happening there may be movements or movement patterns which needs addressing.

      Have you smashed your gut?
      Are yo addressing the tight hip flexors?
      May need to adjust your sitting position.

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