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      AvatarMichael Galvez

        Hi Guys I dislocated my elbow and got a fracture on both side of my elbow. 

        The injury happend at my Jiu Jitsu class where I got thrown down and landed with my body weight on top of my elbow. And then “clash” 
        I had my elbow in a cast for 3 weeks, and ever since my elbow has been so stiff ! 
        The elbow is like in a 30 degree angle when i relax my arm and my physio therapist can get it to like 80% when forcing it. But its like my elbow is getting stiff again everytime we take a brake. 
        My doctor says that everything is healed but because of the fractures on both sides of the elbow, it will be very hard to get it straighten. 
        Is there any videoes that shows exercises for a very stiff elbow with very low range of motion? 
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          There are several videos that address the elbow.
          Do a search using elbow and start going through the episodes.
          Never know what will help until you start working at it.

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          AvatarMichael Galvez

            Hi Kaitlin, thanks alot I will do some research my self.

            But if anyone has experience with the stiff elbow mobility, please let me know what worked for you. 
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              Some aspects is you need to start working on it an see what works for you.
              Informed freestyle.
              Are you seeing improvements?

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              AvatarMichael Galvez

                Hi Kaitlin, unfortunately I broke both the bones connecting to the elbow. The elbow is  fully healed but the X-ray show either tissue or bone fracture blocking the way.

                After 2 months I still cant stretch and bend my arm fully. It hurts when trying to both stretching and bending. 

                My doc has giving me until 21 Aug, and if he’s not satisfied I will have the opportunity to surgery. I am a little worried about the surgery since I have to be under full narcosis.

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                  Did he give you anything to work on or anything?
                  Are you seeing any improvements with what you are working on?
                  Have you made a plan of what you will do for the next few weeks?

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