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      AvatarChris Fichtner

      I started feeling some discomfort in my right heel while on a long road trip. (two 12 hour trips over a weekend) maybe something to do with how i had my foot resting while holding the gas or near the peddle while cruising? well the last couple days its gotten to where i feel it all the time and when i walk, it feels like i have a peice of tape on my heel and get a “sticking” to the floor sensation? like the skin has been separated from the heel and when i walk its sticking to the heel? hard to explain? it doesnt really hurt? its annoying and weird… i don’t seem to have any type of swelling or anything? anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this?

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      I’ve had something similar. It seems to me that it’s from me standing almost all day at my non-sitting desk and the issue is tight heel cords and plantar fascia. In your case it’s probably from having the foot/ankle in an awkward driving position for hours. 

       I do K-Star’s classic calf mobilization several times a day (foot up on the side of the desk or wall, leg straight and engaged with hip forward, then bent knee, 10 secs tight, 5 secs relaxed for 2 minutes). It also helps to roll a lacrosse ball all over my feet at least once a day – particularly the heel area for the issue you mention. You can also try winding up a lacrosse ball on the skin of the affected area (i.e. twisting it) then giving it a smack. This way, if it is more of a tacked down skin issue you’ll get some relief. I hope this helps. 

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      Travis from MWOD staff here. To continue off what Phil suggested, using a softer grippy ball across the heel and up and down the sides of the shin and calf to relieve any tension in the soft tissues should be helpful. Think about getting some balls from Jill Miller at Yoga Tune Up, they are very good for the feet. I would also pay attention to your foot position while you drive. I like to tell people if you walk with your feet straight ahead, you should try to drive with your foot straight over the pedal as well. We all tend to adopt the duck foot position when we drive. See if this helps next time you have to travel a lot.

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