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      I started getting sternum pain doing dips a while back so I stopped doing them. When I read BSL he mentioned that that can happen from doing dips wrong. I haven’t done dips in a while, but have been noticing the sternum pain anyway. I’m sure this is due to posture (I try to have good posture but of course have to be constantly thinking about it in order to do so) and tight muscles pulling on the sternum.

      My question is there any suggested stretches or lacrosse ball work that I could do to help alleviate this pain?
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      If the pain is occurring even when not doing dips the doing dips are not the cause of the pain.
      Have you had anyone look at your technique when performing dips?
      Yes, you may need to consciously be away of your positioning when making a change with posture. As you are consciously working on it it will become less work and just your posture. Creating new neuro pathways for the changed positioning can take some time. One impacting factor is how engrained the old position is. It is the same as breaking a bad habit and creating a new habit.
      You may have a rub out.
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