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      Luke EverettLuke Everett

      So for the past few months Iʻve been having some pain on the left side of my sternum. It happened the day after doing weighted dips. At first I thought it was just normal muscle soreness but after a week, I knew something was wrong. Itʻs definitely an overuse injury because I went from training three days a week to six days without proper programing (Iʻm dumb because Iʻm 25). The pain increases and decreases depending on what I do. I CAN NOT deadlift, overhead press, kettle bell swing or hang from a bar. I can do push ups and bench press with no pain which really confuses me. 

      I have no medical insurance so I havenʻt seen a doctor yet. I use the Marc pro and smash my pecks with a lacrosse ball daily. It has added a little relief but still hurts very badly if I do a movement listed above. For the last two weeks I have not done any of those movements. Does anyone have any advice one what I could do to fix this problem? 

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      Sounds like a situation you definitely need to see a doctor to find out what is going on.
      The situation isn’t improving much with what you are doing so there may be more going on.
      Its not a new situation either.

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      Luke EverettLuke Everett

      Just in case anyone runs into this same problem I think I can help. I did a 5 day juice cleanse. All organic fresh squeezed juice. I did little to no physical activity. 

      All I did was coach crossfit classes. After the 5 days, my chest was feeling much better. I did a few ART treatments after the cleanse as well. Now (about 2 weeks after the cleanse) I can do almost all the movements which were causing pain before. Still a little achy but much better. 
      Long story short the cleanse helped flush out inflammation and boost my bodies nutrition which boosted the healing process. Hope this helps!
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      AvatarTrevor Hazelden

      Hey Nakoa, I am going through the same exact issue that you were. How are you feeling now, is the issue still resolved? 

      Its been a few months for me dealing with this issue, which came on after dips as well, and I am really looking to resolve the issue. Any help would be great.
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      AvatarJanos Glynn

      If your problem is actually costochondritis, when I had it, I was able to fix it using fish oil and flax seeds (anti inflammatory) I’ve been to doctors and took anti inflammatory drugs prescribed to me with no success

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