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      AvatarCurtis Bell

      Hi, I am trying to put a more focused effort into improving my mobility and overall fitness, I have done various types of training over the years such as weights, kettle bells and martial arts but never put much focus on looking after my mobility and joints, so now I have a few kinks in the chain. I’m trying to start from basics and in terms of training just focusing on bodyweight exercises namely pull-up, push up and squat until I’m proficient and my strength /mobility improves.

      I have the supple leopard book and I am keen to start implementing its content, however I’m a bit overwhelmed by the content so I was just looking for a bit of advice in terms of where to start as a beginner and newbie in regards to:-

      1) should I pick a handful of easy exercises and repeat them daily until I notice improvement then change the exercise?
      2) would focusing on a different body area each day be more beneficial similar to the 14 day body overhaul in the book?
      3) what exercises would give a beginner the best bang for their buck and would it be beneficial to just focus on these for say the next few months?
      4) which exercises are good to include as a warmup/start of a workout session?

      Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this I rambled on for longer than I thought and cheers for any feedback 🙂

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Great to hear you have BASL.
      Start with the spine first.
      Then move to the big engines of the hip and shoulder.
      Move core to extremities.

      You could go back to episode one and start with the Year of Mobility Project. Then you are introduced to concepts, tools, etc. as they were introduced to Mobility Wod.
      You could start with the 14 day overhaul or the 14 day Challenge 7 Green Lights series.

      “Easy exercises” would depend on what you have going on.
      What may be easy for one person on a certain day may not be “easy” for that same person on another day.

      You want to do smashing post workout or at night. The elicits your parasympathetic nervous system.
      Joint distraction can be done prior to a regular warm up. Never replace elements within a warm up or cut things out of a warm up.
      Some things done prior to a warm up would depend on the skills in the strength and/or met con for that day.

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