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      AvatarNorman Taia

        Are there any others that practices what Starrett practices? I would like to meet with someone on the east cost. I thought I came across a resource for that but I can seem to find again.

        On another note what would you recommend for the SI joint? Thanks again!
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          Kelly is unique in his approach.
          Danny Matta is on the MWOD seminar staff and located in Atlanta, Ga

          Some would depend on if you have low back or leg pain from the SI joint.

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          AvatarNorman Taia

            Low back pain in the SI area. Thanks for responding so fast!

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              AvatarNorman Taia

                Georgia is a bit far, I am in NH [email protected]

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                  What type of practitioner are you looking for?

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                  AvatarPatrick Hollifield

                    I too am in NH and would love to find someone like Kelly.

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                      I know a great orthopedic  in Newburyport.
                      An athlete outstanding experience and I now several others with great experiences.
                      Message me if you want contact info.

                      Different from Kelly, but I recommend seeing him if you need an ortho.

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                      AvatarZaid Mansuri

                        I live in Atlanta and would love to meet up with Danny. My email is [email protected].

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                          Email sent.

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                          Jennifer ClendeninJennifer Clendenin

                            Have you considered Gray Cook?  I think he’s in West Virginia.  That’s closer than ATL, but still not very close to NH.  Gray Cook isn’t a follower of Kstarr.  His approach is different, but his body of work is impressive.  . 


                            I am looking for a similar provider here in NC.  Have you asked the coaches/owners of your local Crossfit box?  That’s what I did and I was pointed to a local chiro who does Active Release Therapy for my knee pain.  ART really helped me!  Basically, the chiro moved my leg in different positions and inserted his fingers between my muscles to free things up.  It wasn’t pleasant, but it really worked.

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                            AvatarNorman Taia

                              How about anyone near the New London/ Groton CT area? I am traveling there for for in a few weeks. 

                              Are there any diagnostic tests for the SI joint?
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