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      I work as a server at a high-end restaurant on 5-hour shifts, which normally wouldn’t be awful, but we’re forced to wear hideously uncomfortable heeled dress shoes and it’s pretty much non-stop speed walking and standing all night.

      I of course make an effort to walk feet straight, in a good position, etc etc. By the end of the night, though, my feet, ankles, calves, and low back are still always blown out. Is this just a “conditioning” thing? Or are there mobs I can do before/after to prepare/heal myself?
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      You are aware of your foot positioning, but what about the rest of  your body?
      Are you maintaining an organized position?
      Torque and Trunk Stability Part 1: How to Stand
      Are you doing anything for your feet, ankles, calves or low back?
      Some may be building up a tolerance to the amount of time you are on your feet.
      Maintaining an organized position throughout your body will help.
      Abs on 20% all the time.
      Are you doing anything to flush those areas?

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