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      AvatarBacary Mendes

      Hi !

      I recently upgraded to a standing desk with a foot rest from IKEA and I’m still adjusting to it, though I have two questions.
      1) When puting your foot on the foot rest in the Captain Morgan pose, where do you put your weight ? Front or Back leg ? Because I tend to put all my weight on my back leg and can’t seem to be able to whistand the position for very long.
      2) I also tend to lock my knees when standing by extanding my legs completely, but I hear a lot that it’s not a good thing, any advice on that ?
      It’s been almost a week now and I feel a lot more soreness everywhere (but mostly feet and back), I guess it’s just because my body is not used to make a good use of those muscles, but that’s a good thing because it’s just soreness, I don’t feel pain anymore on my neck and back 😀
      By the way this is my setup:
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Great to hear you are transitioning to a standing desk.
      Episode 274: The Standing Athlete
      Torque and Trunk Stability Part 1: How to Stand
      You can have weight on both legs. Have a slight bend in your back knee. This relieves some pressure from the low back.

      It takes time to get use to a new position and you are using muscles more which are not used when sitting. You will build up a tolerance to the new positioning. Using the foot rest makes it easier to stand comfortably for a longer period of time. ‘Take short break through out the day. Gives you a short break and reset your position.

      Excellent to hear you are experiencing less pain in your neck and back.
      As you spend more time standing it will become your default positioning.
      Check out the episodes on the feet and back.
      Take 10 minutes a day to undo what is wound up from the day.

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