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      I have been using a standing desk for 4 months now.  In January we moved office and the chairs aren’t as supportive.  As a result I’ve been standing more and sitting less.  I now stand for around 6 hours at my desk each day.  By the end of the week I get a pain in the mid trapezius on my left side (not my mouse hand).  When I smash the area it is usually extremely knotty.
      I have checked the position of the desk, my elbows are almost at 90 degrees (my wrists are slightly lower).  The top of the screen is in line with my eyes. 
      Some diagnostics – my overhead position isn’t perfect and I’m missing some internal rotation of the shoulder.  Previously I had an issue with the anterior part of that shoulder but this doesn’t flare up anymore.  I’m also making a conscious effort to prevent my shoulders rolling forward into a bad position.
      Could I be standing too much? Has anyone else had this kind of problem when transitioning to a standing desk?  Are there any tips anyone has for making the transition?
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