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      AvatarKay Heil

      I have really annoying back pain from standing and walking for more than 30 minutes. This is why I hate going for walks and it’s why I hate going for hikes.  Because I’m a strong human being that does strength training I am able to buffer many of these problems and get around them a lot.  Mobility wod has given me this great gift to understand human movement and fix my problems.

      Goal: How do I stand a whole day with zero pain or annoyance.

      How do you stand, what drills do you do to stand properly?
      How do you walk, what drills do you do to walk properly?

      I’ve watched hundreds of kstar videos and I’m so greatful for all of it. From all of what I’ve learned, standing with feet and straight as possible with external rotation torque at the ankle knee and hip squeezing the glutes is step one.

      Step two is to brace belly 10-20% of maximum to keep a solid mid-line and keep pelvis in the correct position.
      Step three make sure you have a good arch in your feet.

      What about for walking?  It seems too difficult apply these rules from standing to walking.  Glutes and mid section braced. I feel like a robot and that’s fine it’s how you build any skill.  Just wanted to get the view of the mwod community.

      Why do i think i have low back pain? 
      -tight anterior chain (psoas, rectus fem, illiacus, adductors)
      -poor motor control with glute function and ankle function that leads to an easily over extended position while doing regular daily activties.
      -bad bracing and core activation habits

      Okay, love to hear how to fix this stuff from a daily practical view for motor control training. now it’s time for me to spend 5 minutes doing the couch stretch on each side.

      thanks for reading.

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      Have you looked into how you are standing/walking?
      Are you over extended?
      Episode 128: The Pelvic Fault and Back Pain
      Episode 328: Better Surfing MWod & Protecting Your Back From Over Extension

      You don’t need 100% tension when walking. 20ish % is appropriate.

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      Avatar[email protected]

      Check out Katy Bowman’s work as well — lots of great stuff there on keeping the pelvis neutral, etc.

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      AvatarChris Fichtner

      thanks for sharing 128! i had not seen that one before… very informative!

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      Great that there was one you had not seen that is helping.

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