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      Hi everyone,

      I’ve been lifting for a few years, recently changed from low bar to high bar squat. After a few weeks I noticed some pain above and to the right of my butt.
      Long story short I got an MRI and I have a stress reaction (precursor to stress fracture) in both SI joints. Interestingly its in the anterior region, so the part of the joint that faces inward.
      I can elicit the pain when I really extend my hips without squeezing the gluts, but in the mornings I can also feel it going into flexion.
      I’m wondering how to best resolve this issue, and also make sure it doesn’t come up in the future again. I am desk bound for my job, and have had previous issues with glute inhibition, so I am focusing on loosening the anterior hip and strengthening abs/activating glutes. 
      Does anyone have familiarity with such an injury? Any advice on what to focus on to heal? And I’m mystified as to why high bar seems to have caused the issue, as low bar is supposed to be harder on the hips.
      Thanks for your time.
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