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      Hi guys,

      I’ve had artroscopic surgery about a month ago due to a CAM impingement. Unfortunatly they had to shave down my labrum till it was solid again because it was totally raffled out. But the biggest dissapointment was when they’ve told me that I have damaged my cartlidge of my hip. There is 1 square cm of cartlidge gone. The doctor maid a microfracture on this place so my body (hopefully) creates some new kind of tissue to cover up the bone. 
      He said I have to avoid high impactsports like running but also squatting and everything that puts my hip into 90° of flexion. (I’ve never been able to squat due to my problem)
      I’m verry dissapointed because I’m only 23 can’t play basketball anymore and thought to start doing crossfit after my basketball “career”.
      Can somebody give some advice on what there is still left for me to be athletic?
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