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      AvatarKyle Kenney

      i have been trying to get to a 10 min squat position as in the first episode, but have been told by several people that this “must” be bad for my knees – any views? 

      sorry if this has already been answered.

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      AvatarBailey Martinez

      If you are not getting into the squat position correctly – i.e. you are not squatting correctly, then yes knee irritation can occur.

      However if you are squatting correctly, damage or irritation should not occur.

      1 exception comes to mind: If you have injured tissue – going through the squatting motion and sitting in the squat position could produce pain. But in this case, you should be moving in a manner that is appropriate for the condition of your body. So don’t squat if you’re injured.

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      AvatarKyle Kenney

      Thanks – sounds like, as long as it is not causing me pain, it should be fine..

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      AvatarRobert Jankowski

      If your mechanics are sound and your tissues are healthy there should be no pain in your knees. Then, the only thing limiting your ability to hold a long squat is your muscular stamina which will get better the longer you try and hold the squat.

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