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      AvatarSteph Song

      There is so much information for squat mobility warm up that I am not sure where to start. I can deep squat pretty well but I have been told that I have a butt wink as I go down. Thank you for any help.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Yes, there is alot of squat mobility which address different problem areas.
      Do you have 130 degrees of hip range of motion?
      If not, need to improve hip flexion.
      Is your back overextended when you squat?
      Have you watched the episodes, M|WOD Pro, or Daily M}Wod that address the butt wink?
      A couple to start with.
      Coaching Buttwinkers | Pro Episode #77
      Pro Episode # 27 – Butt Winking Is NOT ok. Ever. (So don’t you even think it.)

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      Butt winking, especially if you can squat fairly deep, is typically a motor control issue. Your breathing and bracing strategy my not be ideal and you may be trying to squat deeper than you need to with weight. Look back at the episodes Kaitlin suggested and take a look at your stance and depth. The human body, at the very end ranges of a squat, is meant to have a butt wink for pooping. If you are squatting with a bar (front, back, overhead, etc) you only need to break parallel so don’t chase depth you don’t have control over.

      MWOD Staff
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