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      AvatarChristopher Mayes

      I have been squatting for around 8 years now and over the course of the last 2-3 years some issues have began to arise with my form. I stay on top of mobility work and stretching for the most part and there may have been a video posted about this problem but I have not found it yet. At the bottom of my squat, with or without weight on my back, I find my butt shifting towards the right side. As I stand back up it seems that my right side is compensating for the left and providing most of the drive. If I squat in front of a mirror, it literally looks as though I am shifted to the right a little bit. I have had my pelvis reset by a chiropractor and an x-ray showed that I may or may not have the beginnings of Femoral Acetabular Impingement. As far as pain goes, I have full range of motion without pain except I believe I am lacking a little bit when I bring my hip into full flexion (knee to chest). I definitely do not think I have the “roll, slide, and glide” that I should have in my left hip. Should I just continue doing hip capsule mobility and hope for the best? Or is there strengthening exercises designed specifically to target this compensation I am having. I am a graduate student, and anything other than physical therapy/chiropractor visits is out of my budget (aka surgery).

      P.S. By the way, I have virtually eliminated all weight on my back other than going up to about 135. I want to perfect my form again and have a healthy full squat before I even consider adding more weight.

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      AvatarDavid Feltner

      I’m in the same boat, diagnosed with cam impingement.

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