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      AvatarJames Beatty

      I’m coming in about 7.5 weeks after a sprained ankle. I rolled my right ankle on its side and collapsed in with all my weight.while running on uneven terrain. I was wondering if anyone has any tips they’ve used to expedite the healing process?

      The first two days there was a good deal of swelling and my foot was black / bruised up. Now after 7 weeks there’s still a trace / noticeable amount of swelling, however, much less than earlier. Moving my ankle to end ranges of motion is what hurts it still (ie. sitting cross legged pulls my foot out).

      What can I be doing? I’ve been voodoo banding it, as well as doing ankle circles and other small mobs.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      for starters, i’d watch Roop and Jami’s Excellent Foot and Ankle Adventure Parts I thru V:

      work thru it slowly as you heal. 

      voodoo banding is very good. keep working the swelling out of the ankle when you can.

      then i would look towards doing some single leg stance work to improve strength and balance on that foot.  be very gentle as you do simple things, like stand on one foot. you’ll find that it will be very challenging. but it will be good for its rehab to relearn how to support the body again.
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      Alpha 919–
      Do you feel you would benefit from
      increased circulation and evacuation of
      fluid that is built up in your ankle or
      other areas? 
      Do you have or know someone who has a Marc Pro?

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      AvatarJames Beatty

      I don’t see how it would hurt. Unfortunately I don’t have access to any Marc Pros or anything of that kind.

      I haven’t gotten any X-rays or MRIs (yet), but on the chance that I may have torn a ligament or had a small fracture, does that change the healing process at all from a general sprain?

      I’m iffy on seeing any doctors at this point, because if it is something more serious like a tear or fracture, and the only ‘recommendation’ is time, that time off will affect my job training, whereas, I could just be putting in the rehab time on my own.

      So I was wondering if there would be any great benefit to getting X-rays or mris at this point?

      Thanks for the replies!

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      May be something you want to look more into.
      Message me if you would like more info.

      Finding out what exactly is going on is a key part in knowing what is needed to clear the situation.
      Yes, what is going on will direct treatment because you’ll address the cause of the issue to clear up symptoms and not chase symptoms.

      Identifying a good doctor/ PT/coach in your area is key.
      Finding one who does CrossFit/works out makes a difference.
      Ask others for recommendations on who to see.
      Where do you live?

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      AvatarJames Beatty

      I went and got an X-ray, and I have a pretty small fracture in my outside ankle, towards the bottom of the fibula. So this changes the dynamic a little.

      I live on an Air Force base currently, so anything off base is out of the question for the time being. I was wondering if anyone has any fracture rehab protocol advice?

      I haven’t watched the ankle adventure series yet, or the ankle and foot webinar; is there anything in there pertaining to fractures, so I know where to pinpoint my viewing?

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