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      Hi guys,

      Here’s the deal. I’ve had lower back pain for ca. 8 years. The symptoms have always been the same – I do some activity and afterwards my lower back seizes up and loosens off over the next few days. I’ve never had a definitive diagnosis until today. I went to see a chiro and after he took some x rays. They showed I have a fusion to my pelvis and also spondylolysis. Hopefully I finally have a reason for my years of pain! The chiro is gonna use some decompression and readjustment work on me. After reading up on this condition it seems to explain why I am extension sensitive. What do people suggest I do to build up the core strength that will help me stay in the right positions?


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      Planks, planks and more planks!  I am a big fan of the holds as a base core builder.  Regular, side planks, shoulder bridges,etc.  My physio always recommends working for 10 reps of a 10 sec hold; a bit of trembling is ok, but as soon as you lose your form or start to actually wobble, stop.  You want to be solid for the full hold.

      If you have the time, find yourself a personal pilates instructor (mass classes are probably not as helpful since you are working with a specific condition).  Make sure they have training in one of the big names, like Stott.  A ‘fitness pilates’ trainer won’t have the background to help you properly.  Once you have the basics, you will find it very helpful to be able to apply the core stabilization principles to everything you do.
      Best of luck!
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      Hi Jeanette – thanks for your reply. I will definitely start working on the planks and look for a pilates instructor in my area.

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