Daily Mobility Exercises by Dr. Kelly Starrett Forums General Splits as Diagnostic Tool (Daily Rx 4/13/15)

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      AvatarCole Atkins

      I’ve been working on the split position Kelly used in yesterday’s (April 13) Daily Rx and noticed a couple of things.

      1) I have a very hard time keeping a flat back, even sitting upright, without pushing down with my hands. Bending forward from the hips I only have a few degrees of rotation before I start to round my back.

      2) When I “walk” forward into the upright position, I have a very hard time firing my quads (similar to difficulty firing the glutes when I first started doing couch stretch).

      As Kelly mentioned in the video, I’m doing the split position seated on a block to help keep a flat back. Not sure what to do to help with problem #2. I’ll keep working on it, but it seemed like these two faults in this position might be a good diagnostic for me…except I’m not sure exactly what they’re diagnosing. Tight adductors? Poor motor control of the lumber spine in the split position? Any thoughts?

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      How’s your hamstrings?
      Can you sit on the floor legs extended infront of you with legs straight and back flat?

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      AvatarCole Atkins

      I can, but it does take some effort to achieve and then maintain the flat back.

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      AvatarMichael Bashista

      In that pancake split in the daily rx you mentioned .. I experience pain on the outside of thigh in the socket area and outside tightness at the knee insertion of the groin.

      I’ externally rotate my femurs and try to tilt the pelvis forward but I can’t feel that stretch in the right place.

      I used to do this split in Thai boxing around 6 to 8 years ago which I gave up, I’m 26 now.

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