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      Drew HeraufDrew Herauf

        A little background:
        I fell 60 feet indoor rock climbing because I didn’t tie in correctly.  I suffered an L2 burst fracture and an ankle fracture.  They did a minimally invasive procedure and put some pins in to hold my spin while it healed.  I wore a TLSO brace for 4 months and was in a wheelchair for two since my ankle couldn’t bear weight.  After two months my foot was OK so I didn’t need the wheel chair.  After four I didn’t have to wear the TLSO brace anymore.  Several months later they did another surgery to remove the pins.  So my L2 and L3 are fused, but there is no hardware.

        I had a great experience with PT but I still have lingering issues.  The most prominent of which is that I get pain in my left butt whenever I sit to the point that I hardly ever sit down.  If I am sufficiently reclined this doesn’t happen.  If I’m standing it doesn’t happen.  It is usually in the glute area but it isn’t always consistent, sometimes more the adductor.   This is the same side as the foot that was fractured so it seems like that could be related. 

        I know sitting isn’t Paleo, but not being able to relax isn’t Paleo either.  Can anyone help?

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          Drew HeraufDrew Herauf

            I do feel like my sitting is pretty well organized, but revisiting some of these is certainly offering some useful ideas.

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            Drew HeraufDrew Herauf

              One thing which has been really helpful is sitting on a lacross ball on my left hamstring where the pain is and straightening and relaxing the leg.  But I can’t seem to make a long term change this way. 

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                It can take time to have lasting change.
                Its like changing technique with a skill it can take time.
                Have shorter times between your mobility sessions. Hitting this 2-3 times a day will be a tremendous help in providing the stimulus for change and reminding the muscle of the changed positioning

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                AvatarRamon Blankenship


                     In March of this year I fractured my L1 vertebrae (burst fracture) during a fall from 20-30 feet.  On APR 8, the doc installed 8 pedicle screws and two rods above and below L1.  The spinal cord wasn’t damaged.  The hardware will be removed after 6-8 months and there will not be any permanent fusion.  My PT and Doctor instructed me to walk as much as possible and perform a variety of core strengthening exercises. 

                  What types of exercises can I perform now to keep myself in shape without compromising the injury?  I am thinking of strict pushups and supine row.

                  Allan, how have you been working out since the hardware was removed from your back?  Which movements are you no longer able to perform?  Any info about your recovery and life after would be helpful as most of what I find on the web involves recovery from a spinal cord injury, which I fortunately do not have. 


                  Thanks in advance.




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