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      AvatarEmma Berkenblit

      Hey guys, new user
      21 yo female, intermittent back pain/spasms for approx. 7 years now. Currently having one, lead me to find supple leopard and TRS. Mobs (especially couch stretch, hip, adductor, and quad smashing) have helped a lot, and I tried the QL smash. The first time I did it it triggered the exact pain through the low back I have been trying to solve-DURING the smash, but as soon as I was done it was the most mind-blowing instant relief I’ve ever had with these spasms. I tried it again the next day, felt less pain while doing it but immediately felt everything in the low back tighten up as soon as I stopped. Figuring I did it wrong, I tried it one more time the day after that and found the same tighten-up results. Problem part two: out of fear of aggravating it I have stopped exercising but I know no movement is toxic. Any idea what I should do? How can I break this spasm? Why the mixed results with the smashes? Am I overdoing mobs? Doing them incorrectly?

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Welcome Emma
      Good to hear you are seeing improvements with the couch, hip, adductor and quad smashing.
      If you have a pelvic fault that could cause the spasm.
      One of your hips may be rotated.
      How to Fix a Pelvic Fault or Tweak

      Work through ranges that don’t bother it. Walking or something simple.

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      AvatarNicholas Jones

      Hello ,

      I have a similar issue and have found the pelvic fault video helps thanks Kaitlin. My soreness seems to be worst in the Si and tight one side when I wake in the morning. Is there any specific morning routines or sleep positions best for this type of aggravation.


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      Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

      Hey Nicholas,

      Here is good routine to check out!

      Try these two along with the technique in the pelvic fault video. In terms of sleep position you’ll have to experiment and see if there is a position that you find comfortable but some people find that sleeping on their side with their painful side up and a pillow between their knees is better than sleeping flat on their back.


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