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      AvatarChristopher Martin

        I breathe out all my air then I “get tight” like someone is about to punch me while also anchoring my rib cage down and then try breathe in and out of this while keeping the tension and not changing position? 

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        AvatarBacary Mendes

          Actually, you “Get tight” while breathing out. Squeeze your buts, screw your feet into the ground (from your hips), balance your ribcage, take a deep breath through your diaphragm and get tight as you breath out, then externally rotate your shoulders in a stable position and you’re done with the bracing sequence.

          I’m not sure the order is that important as long as you end up in a neutral and stable position, but keep doing it in the same order so it can become “muscle memory” and you can do it without thinking about it.
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          AvatarChristopher Martin

            When I try to breathe while bracing it feels very shallow, tight and restricted.. is this something that gets easier? 

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            AvatarPatrick Thomas

              Yes, you can improve your ability to breathe in different positions.
              It takes practice and working with breathing as a skill.

              Your diaphragm could be restricted.
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