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      AvatarDavid Farley

      What is the proper foot position in receiving the catch on the Snatch and Cleans? 

      I’ve heard Kelly and Diane talk about keeping the feet straight. When I snatch or clean, my feet turn out on the catch, particularly the right. Any suggestions on correcting this fault? 
      Is foot turn out to some degree acceptable? Thanks!
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      There is some variations depending on what you are performing straightish  7-11 degrees is the acceptable range.
      Diane has a great Oly lifting specific mobility piece on her Cody app Olympic Style Lifting Bundle.
      She also has a foot work program that may help identify why your turn out may be outside the acceptable range if it more than 11 degrees.

      Hitting  ankle, heel cords, foot mobility is a good idea.
      Are you warming up enough?
      Episode 339: MWod and Warmup: Olympic Lifting

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