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      I had a recent discussion with an Occupational Physical Therapist who claimed that all forms of SMR, foam rolling or other, was contraindicated pre workout. She believed that it caused exhaustion of the muscle spindle fibers in the same manner as static stretching and therefore should only be completed post workout. Every training program and coach/therapist/dr. I have been exposed to has encouraged pre workout SMR. Has anyone seen research that shows any negative effect from pre workout SMR?

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      An Acute Bout of Self-Myofascial Release Increases Range of Motion Without a Subsequent Decrease in Muscle Activation or Force

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      I believe the current MWOD model agrees with that. Lately (since maybe the introduction of the pro site) Kelly has been recommending all smashing work be saved for after the workout since it has some systemic down-regulating effects.

      He does say, however, that if you have a sticky spot that didn’t resolve in your warm-up and you deem it necessary, hit a couple minutes worth pre-workout.
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