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      AvatarJoel Schuit

      I am so glad I stumbled across this whole new world of physical maintenance and performance, thank God.

      But like many of you, I have many questions.  Many of them I am trying to get answered by the Supple Leopard book and this website of course.

      The first question I cannot find a clear answer to is this:

      I have to try to undo years and years of damage due to bad movement, sitting, ignorance  etc etc.

      When mobilizing, should I smash first and then stretch or should I stretch first and then smash?

      When responding please be more specific then do A or B or do both. 

      I would like to get as much detail about the purpose, dynamics, and benefits of smashing and stretching so I can prioritize accordingly.

      Thanks in advance Leopards~!

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      Avatar[email protected]

      There is a video titled “When are tissues normal”  he talks about this question.

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      AvatarJoel Schuit

      I will look it up, thanks Daniel!

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      AvatarJoel Schuit

      Oh its a Pro video, ok will study it now, thanks.

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      Daniel gave you the perfect link to answer your question, MWOD Pro Video #6. One thing to remember is if you mobilize prior to your workout, use a band. The band helps specifically focus on the joint capsule, which is basically the shrink wrap that surrounds the joint and can cause significant restrictions. Smash, lax ball, gemini, supernova after the workout or before going to sleep.

      Good luck with your training.
      MWOD Coach
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      AvatarJoel Schuit

      Well, actually, my question was a bit more specific (when mobilizing, should you smash first or stretch first), but the general guideline has made somethings more clear for me.

      Thanks guys.

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      AvatarTravis Wyant

      Wait… I’m confused by the ” if you mobilize prior to your workout, use a band.” then “Smash, lax ball, gemini, supernova after the workout or before going to sleep.”


      I thought the whole point was to test – mobilise – retest to show it makes a difference. Then, the fact that you’ve made a difference then translates to more quality performance???

      But these points suggest that you don’t do anything other than band work / flossing is the only thing to do before training and exercise, the other stuff is all for afterwards or recovery days???


      I’m confused

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      AvatarNalin Navarro

      Here is what I do. This may help with the confusion.

      Before workout:
      1. Capsule work with band (hip, ankle, shoulders). Banded hip opener sequence.
      2. Banded dynamic stretching for stiffness (ie. banded leg straightening where you touch end of range to address stiffness in the hamstring).

      After workout (immediately afterwards and later in the evening when possible):
      1. Smashing out muscles from workout. Immediately after workout.
      2. Smash whatever feels tight and your goat. (QL, psoas, adductors, glutes, etc)

      Hope this helps.

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      There are some things that are better left to after a workout.
      New range is sloppy range so you need to clean it up before you are using it in a wod.
      If you need to do some mobility so you are able to execute the skill and ranges then do it before otherwise leave anything that is deep tissue until after your workout.
      Another aspect that enters is sympathic and parasympathic nervous system.
      The sympathetic nervous system functions with quick responses.
      The parasympathetic nervous system functions with actions that do not require immediate reaction.
      When the parasympathic nervous system is activated you are in a more relaxed state. This is not the ideal situation for a workout.

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      Avatar[email protected]

      I feel like I am activating the parasympathic nervous system when I am doing banded distractions as well.  I definitely feel that way when smashing as well.  I also see that when doing banded distractions it helps to smash as well.  Like when I am doing a banded pre squat hip opener I can feel tightness right next to my knee/quad/adductor  Smash that out and then go back to the hip opener and I am able to start focusing more on my capsule at that point.  

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