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      AvatarRyan Geary

      …in that order?

      If I want to spend an hour working on feeling better is the approach in the title the correct?
      I always find a good epsom salts bath really helps loosen me off but when is the best time to include it?
      Is it best to stetch AFTER a hot bath when the muscles are nice and soft and warm, after you’ve already smashed them?
      For instance for a gnarly sore knee would you first smash the quads and hip then have a relaxing hot bath and follow the bath with a good long couch stretch, hip banded distractions? 
      For your overhead shoulder mob, you could smash your lats, pecs, lateral rotator cuff and triceps, soak in the tub and then hit your various stetches?
      Or would you perhaps do those things in a different order, like smash, stretch, bathe?
      Is there another item to add to this list?
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      AvatarKeith Borg

      You are already a ton ahead of the curve here.  I save the gnarly soft tissue work for after I train and before I go to bed.  It has a great affect on getting you ready for sleep (parasympathetic nervous system).  If you have a good order, do it.  I think it’s more a matter of yes/no. Did or did not do it.

      Hot bath is legit.
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      AvatarKeith Borg


      Good wine helps too.
      Insert wine anywhere in the order.
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      AvatarRyan Geary

      Well then cheers!  I enjoy a glass of red most days.

      Kelly if you have time, please can you comment:  Is it better to smash a warm muscle or a cold one?

      Let’s say that it’s night, I’ve got to squat, C&J in the morning and my knees are sore.  I know I’ve got to do a 10 mins per side smash party on those thighs, but do I get more bang for my buck if I warm and relax the muscles first, OR should I hit them cold (then bath,wine,bed) ?
      If this is addressed in the book then would someone please tell me to go read it again 🙂
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      Avatar[email protected]

      I’m new here and throwing in my two cents. Whenever you work with fascia and tissue you want to seduce it – tell it  to let go. So it’s going to give up the micro adhesions if it’s not freaking out. So what I would do is get relaxed in the tub, get out of the tub and work on the thighs.

      And deep belly breathe – helps the muscles supple too. 
      Then – get back into the tub – add more warm water and either epson salts (adds magnesium into the muscle relaxing it more)  OR a cup of baking soda. Which helps pull out the toxins your muscles release. 
      You should sleep like a baby.
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      Avatar[email protected]

      This sounds awesome.  I am going to have to do this.

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