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      AvatarJosh Mackey

      I’ve noticed a half a year ago that when I raise my knees above my hips, my hips make a snapping sound. It was never painful and also doesn’t happen when I’m squatting. I’ve found out that it’s called snapping hip syndrome and that unless it’s painful, treatment is most likely not be needed.

      Two months ago I’ve started to mobilise every single day for 30 mins. Always doing the couch stretch and one other hip flexor stretch. I’m not entirely sure, but it feels like my hip flexors have been slightly painful since then. It isn’t terrible, but enough to notice it. Some days it’s not there at all. But when it’s there and I stretch my hip flexors, it’s definitely quite painful.
      The pain is where the blue circle is here:
      (Found the image on some thread on t-nation about some guy saying that he has issues there as well)
      What would you guys do? Keep on stretching the hip flexors? Time to see a doctor?
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