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      AvatarJim Hoffman

      I wanted to know if anyone has successfully switched from being a stomach sleeper to a back sleeper?

      Ever since this: http://www.mobilitywod.com/2012/03/adaptation-error-dont-sleep-on-your-stomach-the-right-bed/

      And these:

      I’ve been trying to sleep on my back but I can’t seem to fall asleep on my back even on different mattresses and pillow combinations. I’ve tried most of what you read on forums:

      • softer mattress
      • smaller pillow
      • memory foam mattress topper
      • the ergonomic memory foam  neck pillow that has two elevated ridges
      • elevating the front of the bed so your head is a slighty higher than your feet

      From what I can tell it seems to be a problem with my breathing as I start snoring and wake myself up or can’t get enough air so I can’t fall asleep until I roll over. I can drift off on my back but I just don’t reach the point where I’m asleep. I’m assuming if I go to a sleep clinic they will try to get me on a CPAP machine which I doesn’t really seem like a viable option. Also, I’m not overweight or anywhere near overweight which I know could be a reason for sleep/snoring problems.

      Anyone have any other ideas? Sleeping on my side usually ends up with me on my stomach.

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      Snoring can be caused by other factors than being overweight.
      Enlarged adenoids, or a floppy soft palate are 2.
      If you see an ear, nose, and throat doctor both can be addressed.
      Enlarged adenoids are taken out and there is a spray that you can get for the soft palate situation.
      Make sure your neck is extended and your chin is up when sleeping..
      Sometimes a pillow tips your chin to your chest  which collapses the airway.
      Your jaw could be mispositioned often caused by muscle tension.

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      AvatarJim Hoffman

      Interesting, I never knew! Thank you Kaitlin I will try to get an appointment with a Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor ASAP. 

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