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      I have been having achy pain in my right shoulder on the back side down near my armpit.  I have sharp pain only when I have eccentric loading, like lowering a push press or jerk but only heavy loads beyond 225#.  I went to get a MRI and the results that I was told (I never saw the MRI image) is this.
      -Mild rotator cuff tendinosis, interstitial tearing of the superior fibers of the subscapularis tendon.  No evidence of full thickness tear of rotator cuff tear.  No evidence of rotator cuff muscle atrophy.
      -Trace physiologic glenohumeral joint fluid is present.  There is a fluid filled tear of the anterior superior, Superior, and posterior superior gleaned labrum.  The glenohumeral joint cartilage is preserved.  The long head biceps tendon is normal.
      -The accordion is type 2 in configuration with lateral downsloping.    There is mild narrowing of of the lateral aspect of the superspinatus outlet.  There is mild acromioclavicular joint orthosis characterized by partial thickness cartilage loss and minimal subchondral bone marrow edema.  There is normal acrominoclavicular joint alignment.  The coracoacromial and coracoclavicular ligaments are normal.
      While I have all this going on I was able to PR my snatch 2 days a go at 250# and hit a clean and jerk of 285 pain free.  The doctor said I need surgery but i don’t want surgery unless I absolutely have to.  I am trying to make regionals and this past year I was very close to making the Crossfit Invictus second team.  Any opinion and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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