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      Avatarsimon brooks

      I have a problem always sinking into my left hip.  I think I do it always when I sit.  I sometimes have hip pain, and can tell I have very limited IR.

      After a long day of sitting, I feel my left lat and shoulder are smoked.  Could my hip problems affect upstream to my shoulder?
      If so, Do I tackle the hip before the shoulder?
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      AvatarTania Neumann

      I’ve got a similar problem. Though to the other side. It took a long time but I found my bad ankle ROM (on high side) was probably the culprit. It’s ongoing, my squat unloaded looks even now, but going over head things can get ugly if I haven’t warmed up. I feel very tight almost nervy through my tricep

      I figure, just keep working on better ankle ROM, clearing hip impingment and position while over head and my tight tricep will obey….

      This has worked for me so far, might be useful for you also?

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      Avatarsimon brooks

      So you found that cleaning up your ankle ROM helped your hip, and thus helped upstream? I’ve done plenty of mobility in the past… gotta get back on it I guess.

      I’ve never really seemed to fix the problem. I think my posture and due to the fact I sit all day doing web development doesn’t help.

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      Yes working up/down stream of where you see an issue can help resolve the issue.
      Where you see the issue may not be where it originates.
      The restricted ankle rom through things off up stream at the hip.
      Improved positioning upstream with the ankle in an improved position.

      What is your sitting position like?
      Episode 88: Desk Athlete Hip Rescue
      Episode 15: You Must Defeat The Evil Chair Part 1
      Episode 15: You Must Defeat The Evil Chair Part 2
      Episode 276: MobilityWod Google Talk: Desk Bound

      Getting up and moving around throughout the day can help. 5:00 breaks throughout the day.
      Can you transition to a standing desk?

      Are you seeing improvements in the limited IR?

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