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      Jill OrentJill Orent

      I have a question about pain on the medial side of the knee. About 90 days ago I fell doing yoga and landed funny on my knee. Ever since then I can’t get into an extension position without pain. I also can’t bend my knee back into say a “hurdlers” stretch. Before I start rolling on it with a roller or ball I want to make sure I won’t hurt it further. Just to be clear I can still do most things it is just uncomfortable. I am fairly new to mobility and being active so I ask a lot of questions first. Thank you

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      Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

      Hello Jill,

      I am a fan of rolling out with a lacrosse ball or roller above and below that knee working from the quads to the hips and also the calves. I would avoid stretches like the “hurdlers” that cause stress to the knee and would just keep training in ranges that are comfortable doing exercises like partial rep squats and lunges stopping before the point of discomfort.


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