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      I’ve had hip & low back pain for over a year & seen a variety of doctors,  PT’s & chiro’s. No one knows what is wrong or where the malfunction is, but these are the symptoms I’ve experienced:
      – SI Joint Pain after running (right side)
      – Hip Flexors ALWAYS throbbing/spasing/tight (right side)
      – Throbbing in the middle of my glute and down my leg when I lay down
      – Extremely tight LEFT abductor, resulting in left knee pain (left side)
      – Low pain pain – general aching, not sharp – right above Illiac crest (right side)
      – Sit bone feels like a muscle is pulling on it (pinching pain) (right side)
      – Sharp pain in groin (right side)
      – Clicking/popping when I rotate my leg (right side)
      – After chiro adjustment (and everything is back as should be), but pirformis has a sharp pulling pain and my right leg seems longer.
      – Right leg always seems longer as right hip rotates forward
      – Crunching between my right rib cage and illiac crest (like I’m tipped sideways to the right)
      My chiro thinks I may have a right hip labral tear causing a stuctural malfunction, and he constantly has to “unstick” my right SI Joint. Am getting MRI soon. 
      I massage my hip flexors, piriformis, and right Iliacus everyday. I also do a variety of strengthening exercises and have been strengthening the outside of my hips for months now. 
      I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts or ideas as to what could be the problem? I don’t know where to focus the recovery and I don’t know how to modify in crossfit. Squats and running seem to trigger SI joint dysfunction and yoga makes it all a little worse. 
      Thanks so much for any input!!!
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