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      AvatarWesley Colwell

      Hi Guys,

      I am not finding much information on this in the mobilityWOD videos.
      My Problem in the following one:
      I am an avid cyclist, also do a lot of core work, have a history of lower back pain after long hard rides.
      My Physiotherapist unlocked my SI Joint, after that most of my back pain went away instantly and I could hit the pedals hard again.
      After a hard day of group riding and racing I felt my back aches coming back again,
      it felt like my muscles where tired and at some point after 150k my SI Joint got locked up again. 
      It is clearly no solution to just unlock it manually all the time.
      Do you Guys have any Idea how I can avoid happening that again?
      Are there any Exercises that can strengthen some muscles which could help to avoid this situation?
      Is there a video about this topic which I have not found yet?
      I would greatly appreciate your help 🙂
      greetings from Austria
      PS: This is my Current core work:
      Russian Twist x 75 rep
      Plank 2 minute 3 rep
      Side Plank 60 Rep each side
      Squat 50 kg 60 rep
      Lunge with Barbells 30 kg 60 Rep
      Mobilty for Squat:
      Sequence Pre Workout 
      (after ride)
      Lunge for Psoas Stretch 120 Secs each side
      Hamstring Stretch 120 Secs each side
      Ankle Mobility with Elastic Band
      Hip Mobility according to cyclist mobilityWOD video with Elastic Band
      Any Additional things which you would recommend me to add to my routine?
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      here are my favorite bike videos. you will need PRO membership to watch:

      as for your problem if it is SI joint, then it is likely that your position on the bike while hunched over to the handles is causing lumbar spine flexion (and probably t-spine flexion too).  
      it is hard to maintain neutral spine position while cycling. some people just put up with it. but like it or not, it encourages flexion and problems like yours.
      you may want to tip the seat forward just a little bit to let the pelvis rotate forward with your back. a flat seat may feel more comfortable, but it doesn’t encourage pelvis rotation to help the problem. raising the handle bars and riding on the hoods will help a lot, but you may enjoy that low handlebar/high seat setup.  still, practicing neutral spine position AND learning how to maintain it while riding will be crucial IMHO. 
      any MWODS that help with hip flexion will also be good for you. this is my favorite with the band:
      this recent DailyRx for achieving a pistol is relevant too:
      raising your ability to achieve hip flexion (like for pistol) and maintaining neutral spine will be a big help in alleviating your SI problem. you will be able to pedal, raise your leg to your chest and not push your pelvis up in reaction.
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