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      John CarriereJohn Carriere

      About a month ago I had injured my back fooling around with my dog. At the time I just assumed I pulled a muscle in my lowback and glute area. after 2 weeks of the pain not subsiding I decided to go to the Chiropractor to have my spine checked out. Turns out my right SI was raised and completely locked in place. As the Doc explained this caused my left SI and surrounding muscle to be over worked causing it essentially to be severely bruised. 

      Everything is set back in place now but that muscle pain is not leaving. It definitely flares up and locks up my low back anytime I try and do anything physical. Sitting for more than 15min also causes it to tense up.
      So far all I’ve done is ice my butt and low back to ease pain and ease any inflammation. This is not fixing my problem though. Does anyone know how I can repair this muscle faster? I’m unsure if stretching will cause more harm than good at this point. As for self massage with a lacrosse ball I’m not even sure where to put it as the pain is directly in the centre of my left glute and right at my left hip bone. I’m not even sure what muscle I need to fix at this point. 
      Maybe this will help too, when I sneeze the pain is horrendous in the left glute/back area. It almost encases my entire lower back not just the left.
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      AvatarSteven Meis

      I have been dealing with some SI issues. I found that Jill Millers Alpha Ball was very helpful. It is not as aggressive as a lax ball or even the supernova or novito. I use the glute smash and floss, the high glute, and the QL mobilizations  pretty much everyday. Also if you are tight in the front of the hip that could cause SI joint pain. So couch stretch often especially after long bouts of sitting.  Jill Millers book The Role Model also has an awesome low back sequence that I found very effective as well. Hope that can help you out a bit.

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