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      AvatarPatrick Jordan

      Hello, so I’ve had this problem for over 2 years as far I can remember now and I’ve been seeing physiotherapists for over a year, but it seems my problem never gets better. I have fixed with them my bad posture, so now my shoulders are behind, they’re not curled in front. But when it comes to raising my arms, let’s say I make a “T” shape with my arms when I’m standing up and want to bring my arms closer to my head, it’s just not possible. I quickly lose sensation of my arms, they get tingly and then my chest moves forward (like curling in front) to be able to raise them. And they also feel really heavy when I keep them in that position. So the best I can do when I raise them is that my arms stay in front of me, I can’t keep them close to my ears.

      I’m really stiff around my neck and shoulders, just simple movements like rising to do a crunch for my abs is painful for my neck. If I try to stand in a pushup position, or do the plank, my shoulders get tired extremely quickly. If I lay down on my back, and do a T shape on the floor with my arms to do that, my hands can’t touch the ground.

      Back when I was breakdancing 4 years ago, I used to do alotttt of pushups (which I think may be a reason why I have this problem?) without doing much else of training. I would do alot of handstand pushups. But now it is too tiring for my shoulders, even when I want to push open a door, it hurts my shoulders.

      Sorry if I’m bad at explaining and terms, english is not my first language ><. Hopefully I could get tips on what exercises to do because I’m desperate 🙁

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      Yacine, sorry you’re having this issue. A good first destination is Kelly’s old video on upper body mobility work: 

      I’ve also found that these techniques beneficial in restoring full range of motion: 
      Fixing shoulder tweak:


      Improving shoulder extension:


      Cleaning up the traps/ serratus: http://www.mobilitywod.com/daily/monday-january-6th-2014/

      Sorting out neck soft tissue: http://www.mobilitywod.com/2013/03/tmjd-jaw-mechanics-and-head-aches-part/

      I hope some of these videos help restore motion and relieve restriction. Let us know how you get on. 


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      AvatarPatrick Jordan

      Thanks alot for all this info! It’s really appreciated I will try them when I can! I can’t see the pro videos because I’m not registered, would it be possible to know what kind of exercises are they doing? >< Oh and would you know what kind of balls they’re using for their stretches? Like in the first and last video you linked, I would like to try them!

      Thank you very much! 😀

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      Yacine, here are the closest YouTube videos I can find:

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      AvatarPatrick Jordan

      Hello! Thanks again for everything, I just forgot to mention something before I start doing stuff, one of my problems really is that my scapular(?) i think it’s called that, moves too much when I use my arms My physiotherapist always gave me exercises and tells me to try and keep it tight on back, to pull them back. So would it be bad if I do the scapula mobility exercises if my scapula has this kind of problem? Thanks again!

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