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      AvatarBrian Foster

      I am a 17 year old high level tennis player. I am seeing a a professional phys therapist on Monday that I was referred to. However, I wanted to run it by you all and see if I could gather any advice/information.

      . I have missed practically the whole summer from tendinitis in my elbow. After several months of frustration and different strategies to help my elbow, I finally felt that it was 98% healed about 3-4 weeks ago. I started back playing cautiously. I slowly gained confidence until I started going practically all out for the last 1-2 weeks before the shoulder issue. I was still giving myself more rest than usual, but maybe I still got a little too excited. I have been serving very hard, like 100 plus on first serves. And being very aggressive on groundstrokes. Perhaps I should have built up some of the strength I lost while off, before jumping back into things?

      . last Wednesday evening I hit a shot, I think it was a hard forehand but maybe serve, my shoulder certainly felt different after that shot, a little strained, or stuck. I continued to play, and did not think much of it. I could pretty much play the same, it just felt a little weird sometimes. I had a 2 hour lesson with a pretty good player the next day that I was getting paid for, so I wasn’t just going to cancel cuz it hurt a little bit. I played and it hurt a little more, but I could still play pretty well, but at that point I knew I had at least tweaked my shoulder. I didn’t play the rest of the day.

      . the next day I had a one hour lesson I was giving that I had already planned. The kid is a younger player, but he can hit the ball with good pace and consistency, I have to try against him. The pain was more noticeable, it definitely felt inflamed, and sorta a dull pain. I went to the chiropractor, she adjusted and said she thought it would be fine if I took a few days off, but she says that about a lot of things. That night It was a little throbing from the inflammation probably, but not after a little icing.

      . aside from a little feeding, and some pull UPS, I rested my shoulder from Friday until this Wednesday. I hit for about 15-20 minute Thursday to see how it felt. It felt fine warming up and hittng soft, the last 5 minutes I was hitting hard I could do it, but I knew it still wasn’t healed, there was still some pain. There was a 4.5 Men’s point play drill that night that I had to run, and I’m supposed to play in. I was going really easy, just soft slicing and droppers/volleys. I trid to go hard for a few forehands, but it didn’t go too well. I decided to just pick up balls the rest of the time.

      . the pain is in the front of my shoulder, but sometimes on top. I wasn’t overly sore or anything when it happened, it came out of nowhere. I am still able to move my arm in full range of motion with very little pain. There is a a little pain/twinge when the arm goes overhead, or across body like on a forehand. I cannot describe how frustrated I am with these injuries. This is a huge year for me as far as my future/college, there are college coaches waiting to see me play, but I can’t seem to get healthy. I would greatly appreciate any advice or information on what it is or how I can get better asap, also any exercises I can do, or helpful videos/ articles would be greatly appreciated. I’m not sure exactly what it is so any help diagnosing from the symptoms I’ve given would be great;

      I am 6,1 175 lbs, pretty strong kid, not as flexible as I could be. Please don’t say “see a doctor”. I really do not have the money. I am going to see a therapist Monday, but wanted to see if anyone here had any advice.

      Thanks for any help!!!!

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      Good to hear you are seeing a practitioner about this situation.
      Was the cause of the tendinitis determined?
      A deviation in technique, restriction on range of motion within the system?
      Have you addressed upstream and down stream of the elbow?
      There could be impacting factors within the system.
      Until the cause is addressed the situation will continue.

      Recommend not icing it.
      Icing slows down the healing. There are more effective things you can do.
      People, We’ve Got to Stop Icing Injuries. We Were Wrong, Sooo Wrong | Community Video
      (A year later) Peoples, We’ve Got to Stop Icing. A Year Later…. | Community Video
      Also Gary’s book ICED is a great resource.

      Have you voodoo banded your elbow at all?
      Banish Your Elbow Bench, Dip, Pull Up Pain, You Don’t Really Play Golf or Tennis Do You?
      Pro Episode # 32 – VooDoo Floss Series #1, Theory and Elbow
      Pro Episode # 34 – Voodoo Floss Primer: Elbow Part 2.

      Are there restrictions in your shoulder range of motion?
      What is your shoulder position like when sitting and standing?

      Hitting your forearm and wrist can help improve the situation with your elbow.
      Feel free to email [email protected] or message me and we’ll put together an action plan on it.

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